Dog Training

Dog Training

Use cutting edge training techniques to:

  • Teach your dog nice manners
  • Eliminate leash pulling
  • End the jumping
  • End the chewing and digging
  • Teach your dog to become a valued family member

Breed All About It

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Positive Dog Training Tips

For the kids

  • Always supervise children and dogs even if your dog is well trained
  • Teach children dog safety and responsibility
  • Supervised interaction and training strengthens the child/dog bond and increases self-confidence in your child
Dog Training


  • Socialize your canine through positive training methods
  • Socializing your pup from a young age will result in a confident, well-adjusted dog
  • Socialize your puppy to help prevent fear issues as well as aggression
  • Socializing involves humans, friendly dogs and cats of all ages and sizes in a variety of situations. Always closely supervise your dog especially around children

Guess what I am thinking


Communication is Essential

Body Language’ is the language of dogs “I wish my dog could talk” is a phrase I hear often. They do talk; it is our job to learn their language. After all, they take the time to learn ours. To reach your dog training goals, discover how your dog thinks. You will be rewarded with a dog that loves to learn and most importantly you will build trust with your beloved pup.

Dog Training available in:

Wimberley, TX

Dripping Springs, TX

Driftwood, TX

Bee Cave, TX

Buda, TX

San Marcos, TX

Kyle, TX



Your dog to learn by incorporating  
  • Games
  • Play
  • Fun
  • Positive Training Techniques
And watch the relationship flourish between you and your canine companion