I have been teaching owners how to train and communicate with their dogs for over 30 years in north, south and now central Texas. Observing dogs and their interaction with each other taught me that canines primarily communicate through body language. So, I began responding to their signals using my body language, hand signals, and short verbal cues.

I was learning to “speak dog” which encouraged me to develop a training model built on cueing a behavior and rewarding desired results with positive reinforcement.

My training and experiences also lead me to investigate the world of service dogs. I then became a certified trainer for an organization that trains rescue dogs for physically challenged individuals. In addition, I continue to attend accredited training seminars and workshops to expand my knowledge to better serve dogs and their owners.

I now live in the Texas Hill Country with my husband and our two golden retrievers, Cabo and Samson. My dog Samson and I give presentations at schools, fundraisers and local events which focus on safety issues and pet ownership. We are also a Certified Therapy Team through Austin Dog Alliance and Samson brings comfort to those who need his calming demeanor.

I am a certified professional dog trainer CPDT-KA, a member of APDT (Association of Professional Dog Trainers) and a proud member of the Wimberley Valley Chamber of Commerce.


You can also contact me via:

       (361) 205-2215


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