Old dogs – Please No new tricks

Tail Wags to all,

I barked about new puppies in my last blog, so I thought why not give us old dogs a chance to speak about our issues.

At 13 years old, I can give you tips first paw. I’m now deaf, so it’s a good thing mom taught me hand signals as I watch her more closely now. I also watch and follow Samson more than I used to. He now seems to wait for me to make sure I’m ok. Other behaviors in old dogs include some of the following.

  1. We take more naps than we used to, what’s wrong with that?
  2. Some of us have arthritis, bad hips or other old dog issues and take a while to get up and get going. Be patient
  3. The heat and cold seem to affect us more than before so be sure and keep our outings short and a comfy mat feels great to our tired old bones
  4. Please don’t think a new young pup will get us moving. We deserve a calm life in our golden years

Tell us about your old dogs. What bothers them and what helps them?

Bark at you later. I feel a nap coming on…

Cabo Wabo and Samson


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