Do Dogs Really Need Toys?

Tail Wags to all,

YES! Just watching Samson happily romp around with his new toys remind me how the simple things in life make our tails wag.  A puppy can’t have too many toys! 

You might be thinking how spoiled we are and you are right!  But mom’s pretty sneaky.  She has learned after training puppies and dogs for sooo many years that the right kind of toys really come in handy.

For example, we learn the name of each toy, bring the specific toy and drop the toy.  Voila, 3 behaviors we just learned and we get a new toy! A benefit for you humans is this wears us out…

We dig puzzle toys because food is involved.  Samson and I tend to gulp our food without chewing so sometimes we eat our entire meal from a puzzle toy which also teaches us how to solve problems and we don’t get a belly ache for eating so fast.

Safe chew toys can’t be beat when we are young pups about 4 to 6 months old. We are teething and we HAVE to bite, our gums are irritated and we can become rather mouthy and even irritable.  So when we bite, instead of yelling at us, holding our muzzle shut (which really makes us want to bite) give us a safe and quality chew toy and better have lots on hand.

However, the best reason for toys, they make us jump for joy!  Gotta go, mom just walked in with some new toys…Bark at you later,

Cabo Wabo



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