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Guess I should not have said I was bored because my mom put me to work!
Is she kidding, the laundry…

My canine buddies and I were talking about the walk and while that is one of the best things we can do together, some of our humans think it may be too hot or too cold. So we came up with a few games we can play inside the house.

Hide and Seek is so much fun especially if we get some yummy treats when we find you.

  • Cue us to sit and stay
  • Then you hide behind a door or somewhere easy the first time
  • Then in a happy voice, say ‘Come find Me’
  • We’ll use our nose and ears for this exercise (natural instincts) which stimulates us and in turn, tires us out
  • When we find you, jump up and down and let us know what a fabulous job we did
  • If you have bad knees don’t jump up and down but be sure and reward us somehow. Tug on a rope, chase a ball or yummy treats are always appreciated
  • Make the next hiding place a little more difficult. We will work even harder and you guessed it, become tired quicker which eliminates boredom

If you have not taught us to sit and stay, then you will need another human to help you. Have them hold us in place until you call us. Oh yeah, some of us don’t like to be grabbed by the collar so attach our leash and let us go when we hear ‘Come find me’.

Since you are using the cue ‘Come’ with this game, we are also learning coming to you can really be quite entertaining.

My mom always says…’A tired dog is a good dog’

Sorry to have to stop here but there goes that paw again. Check back in a couple of days for more cool tools to wear us out..

Cabo Wabo


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