A New Pup for Christmas!

Tail wags to all,

Samson and I have been barking with our pet pals and hear their humans are getting a new puppy for Christmas! Yikes

What’s wrong with us older dogs? Don’t get a young pup on our account, thinking we could use a puppy to liven us up. We are just fine, the way things are.

Remember that puppies will go through many changes as they grow and you will face many challenges. Housebreaking, biting, and separation anxiety are just a few.

You might have company or travel to visit friends. What are you going to do with that new brat, I mean puppy? Most kennels won’t accept us until we have had all of our shots. Think you can take us with you? What if your friends don’t like dogs? You need new friends…

For some weird reason, humans think giving puppies for Christmas is a great idea. Of course, that’s not to say don’t ever get a new pup, but wait until you have time to think it through. However, if you are determined to get a puppy for Christmas, please make sure everyone realizes we come with a commitment. Patience, socializing and training are key to a peaceful household with a canine companion. By the way, I was an exceptional pup!

We wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!

Gotta go sniff the Christmas tree,
Cabo Wabo and Samson


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