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Tail wags to all,

Sorry it’s been a while since I have barked at you, but we have been preparing for hurricane season.

We pets need our own survival kit, so here are a few things we dug up to help you prepare.
1) If you plan to evacuate to a hotel/motel, contact them today to learn their pet policies
2) If you are staying with humans who do not want us, stay somewhere else… just kidding, begin researching kennels today
3) Do not expect local or coastal veterinarians/kennels to board us, they have to evacuate too
4) Review & update your pets’ medical records and keep the hard copy with you at all times
5) Consider micro chipping your pet as this is the most reliable method to find lost pets

Here is a list of items that should be in your pet’s survival kit. Begin packing it today
1) Proof of current shots, including bordatella & medical history (do not rely on tags)
2) A current picture of your pet/pets
3) Additional supply of your pet’s medication, heart worm and flea/tick preventative
5) At least a 3 weeks supply of dog food and water
6) Food & Water bowls
7) Leashes, harnesses, collars
8) Favorite blankets, beds, toys & chew bones
9) Crate or kennel
10) Dry shampoo (there may be a shortage of water)
11) Waste bags for fecal matter
12) Paper & cloth towels

www.bringfido.com is a great website to find lodging that accepts pets. Start researching now.

Gotta go help Samson finish packing our canine evacuation kit…Bark at you later!
Cabo Wabo


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