Could it be Separation Anxiety?

Samson and I dug up an old article I wrote (with the help of my mom) on separation anxiety. We’re barking about this because my fellow puppy pals mentioned Spring Break was not fun for them. So with summer coming soon, we thought you humans could use a reminder on how we dogs are affected when our routines change.

We sniffed out a few things that could cause separation anxiety

  • If you suddenly spend less time with us – what are you thinking?
  • Someone moving in or out of our house – hope that’s temporary…
  • A new baby, any species – we can get jealous so assure us we are still important

Try these ideas to help curb our anxiety

  • Give us plenty of exercise. Tires us out and encourages relaxation
  • When you leave, give us our favorite safe toy. Your departure means we get good stuff
  • Leave us in a safe area that we find comfortable, some of us really like our crate
  • If we enjoy TV or music, leave it on when you are gone. Gives us a sense of security
  • Keep your departures calm – teaches us we have nothing to fear when you are gone
  • Can’t believe I’m telling you this but if we are too excited when you return, ignore us
  • When we calm down give us attention but in a calm manner. We know how excited you humans get when you see us but your reactions can create anxiety

These exercises will build confidence and lessen anxiety. Might help us too…

Bark at you later with more doggie info…

Cabo Wabo and Samson


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