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Tail Wags to All,

My puppy pals and I have been chewing about new dogs and cats that are invading our space. We know you humans think we need a furry friend to keep us company, but many of us like being the only dog. However, if you insist on adding a canine or feline to our pack, make sure:

1) we like other animals; don’t think we will automatically accept who you bring home.
2) The opposite sex is the best combo, two males might be ok, but watch out with 2 females, may have a cat fight…
3) Research the breed and make sure we have some things in common.
4) If we are older, please don’t bring a puppy or young dog around. Most of us older dogs will tolerate young pups, but those sharp puppy teeth really hurt our ears and tails.
5) Learn how to introduce new pets, don’t just walk in the house and say ‘Here’s your new friend’ and expect all to be great.
6) If we don’t get along in the beginning, be very patient; could take months.

If you haven’t brought a new animal into our house yet, Thank You! but if you are thinking about it, socialize your current dog with every age human and every dog and cat that you can. And begin at a very early age.

Speaking about socializing, check out the details below on the upcoming ‘puppy class’ in Rockport next month!

Gotta go, Samson and I are going for a walk to meet some new friends, but my mom knows, not to bring them home…

Bark at you later,

Cabo Wabo

‘Paws for Fitness Puppy Class’
Training games * Socialize * Stop tugging the leash * End the jumping

Learn to train your puppy using positive training
techniques in this fun and informative puppy class.

Classes: Tuesdays in October: 8th * 15th * 22nd * 29th * 6pm to 7pm
Class is limited to 8 puppies, so register today to reserve your spot. Only $60.00 for the entire 4 week course. (no refunds)
Class Requirements:
1) 4 months to one year of age
2) proof of current vaccinations including rabies vaccination and DAPPL
3) proof of current bordatella
4) Must be on flea/tick preventative
5) No aggressive dogs
6) Must sign waiver
What to bring to Class:
1) Small training treats & treat bag for easy retrieval
2) Flat buckle collar or harness preferred, No choker, prong, e/shock collars
3) No flexi leads or expandable leads
4) Wear comfortable shoes/clothing –flip flops are not recommended as you will be walking & moving with your dog.

Location: AgriLife Extension Service * 892 Airport Road, (inside in the AC!) Rockport, Texas 78382

Please contact my mom, trainer, Lillian Sikorski to register or for additional information:





You can also contact me via:

       (361) 205-2215