The dreaded doorbell….

Tail Wags to all,

The doorbell Rings!

That’s our cue to Jump, Bark, Turn Circles and anything else that may alert you. We know our behavior excites you, because you join in. We hear yelling, we feel restraint when you tug at our collar or some of you even hit us. This creates our level of excitement to increase resulting in louder barking, higher jumping or maybe even snapping! Does this happen at your house?

The solution is simple. Teach us a replacement behavior such as ‘Sit’. When we have a dependable sit under our paw, and the doorbell rings, say ‘Sit’ and we sit because you have taught us the doorbell ringing is another cue for us to sit. How cool is that?

See Samson sitting on his spot. Notice the shape of our ‘place’. We do recognize different shapes. Call my mom today to learn how to teach your pup to sit on their fun spot. Look for my next blog, when my mom opens the door and a human is standing there…Now you’re learning. One step at a time.

Gotta go, the doorbell is ringing!

Cabo Wabo and Samson


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