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Are you digging around for ideas to keep your pup busy during these dog days of summer? Why not train your furry friend in the cool comfort of your home?

I’m perfect, but Samson is still young & needs to keep busy so mom is teaching him tail wagging fun stuff that wears him out as much as a walk. Here’s some tips to keep your pup busy:

Too Hot to Trot

1) Teach your dog to ‘Heel’ using the sofa or the kitchen island to walk around. No distractions and your pup will learn to focus.

2) Try lying on the sofa and cue us to ‘Sit’ and ‘Stay’. Your pup thinks “Have you lost your mind?” When you change body language it changes your dogs’ response. This teaches your pup to respond no matter if you are standing, sitting or lying down.

3) Play hide & seek with your pooch. Cue Daisy to ‘Down and Stay’ and you walk in another room. When you are out of site call her to ‘Come’ You are incorporating a game and teaching 3 behaviors all in the comfort of your home.

We learn so much better in a comfortable and familiar environment. When we know the behaviors, add distractions such as the outdoors or new locations. How cool is that?

Gotta go find Mom, think she and Samson are praciticing their dance steps… UGH…Be sure and call my mom for more training tips .

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