Walking on a slack lead - SpeakDog

There goes my walks, I now have to walk my bratty, I mean baby brother, Samson…As you can see he is not pulling, in fact he’s behind me.

My mom taught me to walk on a loose lead. I either wear a harness or a simple quick snap collar. Choke collars, prong collars and OUCH, especially shock collars are nowhere in sight. I think that’s for humans who don’t realize we are really smart and with patience, repetition and positive reinforcement we can learn anything. Don’t you prefer kindness to pain?

In fact, as you can see I have the leash in my mouth and am wearing no collar at all. It’s all about technique. Call my mom and she’ll be happy to teach you how to walk your pup.

Gotta go, Samson needs a break A tired dog is a good dog.

Bark at you later,

Cabo Wabo


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