Where will you be in 10 years? - SpeakDog

Tail wags to all,

Samson and I have been barking about all the new puppies we have been sniffing lately. I know you humans cannot resist us when we are cute cuddly fur babies, but have you thought about what we will need 10 years from now?

We don’t think about that stuff because we canines live in the moment, but we listen to you humans talk about the future and wonder if you have thought about our future.

Some of us live up to 15 years or longer. Who will be there for us in 10 or 15 years?

Will you or your child want us when we are out of the cute puppy stage? We will always need:

1) exercise
2) attention and lot’s of love
3) medical care
4) grooming

A pup for your 8 year old is fine now, but what happens to us during:

Teenage years – Sports are more fun than us older dogs…

College Age – Your child has moved away, are we just an after thought?

Please think about your lifestyle and future before you commit to a new puppy. We depend on you our entire life. Are you ready for the responsibility?
Samson and I are even in mom and dad’s wills. They always say,

“15 Years with Cabo and Samson is just not long enough”

We are lucky dogs! Gotta run, time for our walk…

Cabo Wabo


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