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Tail Wags to All!

Spring is in the air and so is Audreyhepburn. I can just hear you barking, “What is she talking about?”

Audreyhepburn is the incredible standard Poodle jumping for joy because she graduated from ‘Paws-4-Fitness’ Class last week! This is just some of the fun your canines can have in class. Oh yeah, they also learn to socialize and focus even with distractions. What Samson and I really dig, is my mom NEVER uses adverse training methods. No choke or prong collars and you better run if there’s a shock collar in sight! She doesn’t even raise her voice. If you think we can’t hear, just open a chip bag and we’ll come running…

I’ll let you know about upcoming classes, but in the meantime, contact us for private training sessions in your home. She will even bring the jump along!

We’ve been really busy around here testing all kinds of cool leather leashes and my mom and Miss Gwyn from ‘Sail Again’ have designed an awesome ‘Train-N-Treat bag’ for you humans to use when training us. It is so versatile you can even attach it to your golf bag and put your tees, keys, cell or anything else that won’t fit in your pocket in the bag. Not only is it made in the USA like the leather leashes but the treat bag is created right here in Rockport from recycled sails! Pretty awesome.

Just click on the STORE on our website www.speakdog.net and start shopping for these great doggie products. Let us know what you think of our new look.

Gotta run, mom is testing some new toys on Samson and I want a part of that action!

Cabo Wabo


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