You got a new puppy?

Tail Wags to All,

So you couldn’t resist that new bundle of fur. We are pretty cute, but as cute as we are, we need to visit the veterinarian for necessary puppy shots and exams. To prepare your puppy for positive vet visits, try these tips:

1) Play with your pup’s ears, don’t pull them, just gently massage them. Great for relaxing your pup and many of us older dogs enjoy this too

2) Play with his/her paws and nails. Prepares them for nail trims and even though we hate nail clipping, long nails can lead to problems

3) Calmly and gently massage your dog’s mouth and face for a few seconds at a time. Best to do this when your puppy is calm

Your puppy is learning how to be handled and your veterinarian will really appreciate this.

Please don’t allow children to try these tips. We dogs love children, but if they get a little rough, this may cause us to jump or even snap at them. We see their behavior as puppy play and we can get pretty wild with our litter mates. ALWAYS supervise children with puppies and adult dogs.

Contact my mom today for more tips on your new puppy. Bark at you later,

Cabo Wabo and Samson


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