What did you say? - SpeakDog

We were chewing the fat yesterday (me and my canine companions) about our humans yelling at us. Have you ever thought we may not understand what you are saying?

Ever traveled to a foreign country and didn’t understand the language? Say you really had to do your business and had no clue where to go. You ask a local “Where is the bathroom” in your native tongue. They answer in their language, but who knows what they said…so your voice gets louder. Guess what, no matter how loud you ask, you still don’t understand their response. If only you would have taken Rosetta Stone before your trip.

So why do you keep raising your voice if we don’t respond? We certainly don’t need to take RS. Simply teach us what the word means, we will respond and you can save your voice.

Gotta go, my neighbor is barking at me to chase her. I do understand her…Come back soon for more tips from me and my furry friends. Let me know if you have any issues with your 4 legged friends. Maybe I can help.

See you soon,
Cabo Wabo


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