Clicker Training

I was initially introduced to clicker training when I became involved with the training of service dogs and was amazed at how quickly the dogs learned by this method. In the beginning I was skeptical because I did not understand why verbal praise or simply petting him would not suffice. Why would a clicker make such a difference?

I learned the distinct sound of the clicker immediately captures the dog’s attention.

An example of clicker training:
Cue your dog to ‘Sit’
Your dog sits
You click and follow with a reward that motivates your dog such as a treat or toy

Your dog learns to sit without force and begins offering more behaviors which can quickly be captured with the clicker. Any behavior you want to teach your dog, from housebreaking to heeling is so much quicker with the clicker. Many trainers believe animal relationships are also more rewarding using positive training methods.

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