Housebreaking Tips

One of the happiest days of your life will be the day when your puppy is completely housebroken. To teach your puppy to communicate to you that they have to relieve themselves, try a few of these housebreaking tips.

Keep your puppy in a confined area or crate when you cannot tend to them. Dogs prefer not to smell their urine or feces and will usually hold it until they are out of their confined space.

They will have to relieve themselves when they become mentally or physically stimulated, such as training or playing. They will also have to “do their business” after napping, eating, drinking water, and after a night’s sleep (about 4-5 hours for a young pup).

On a leash (yes, use a leash inside the house) walk your puppy to the door and tell them to sit. When they sit open the door step outside and give your pup a verbal cue such as potty or business.

Walk your puppy to the designated area and repeat the cue. When your puppy is actually relieving themselves, say nothing. As soon as they are finished praise and treat them.

Your puppy will learn when they sit by the door you will open it for them to go outdoors. This will also be your cue that they have to relieve themselves.

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