Catch The Scent

Tail Wags to All,

Wish you could smell all the good stuff I am sniffing. The cool crisp wind is blowing in all kinds of intoxicating scents which encourages me to run faster, bark louder and jump higher. I know many of you humans have problems with this behavior, but we are dogs after all and we are digging life.

How great would it be to train your pup to come when called even when the sounds and smells of nature are in play? Contact my mom and she can teach you how to re-direct our thinking so we prefer you to the great outdoors. Also, the holidays are almost here and wouldn’t it be marvelous to impress your friends with a well-trained dog. She can’t help you with your human company, though…

Contact my human, Lillian – 361-205-2215 or lillian@speakdog.net or go to our website www.speakdog.net

Gotta go, the squirrels are calling…
Cabo Wabo and Samson


You can also contact me via:

       (361) 205-2215