Certified Dog Therapy Team

Tail Wags to all,

It’s been a while since I have barked at you all, but we have been busy, well at least Samson and Mom have.  They have been working toward their certification to become a Therapy Team and after months of training, they passed the test.  Samson and mom are now a Certified Dog Therapy Team through Austin Dog Alliance!

Not only did Samson have to know all of his skills, but had to be calm and ignore groups of loud crowds, other dogs, and leave food and toys.  Not easy for Samson, because he LOVES his toys.

‘Walking on a loose leash’ is one of the skills required to become a certified therapy team. This brought to mind my pup pals barking about being pulled and tugged on the leash.  Not only is this bad for us canines, but many of you humans have been dragged to the ground.  As a result, we don’t go on many walks. So for those of you who may need help with this, my mom is going to post a short video on ‘loose leash walking’, so be on the lookout for the video later this month.

Bark at you later, we’re off on a walk!

Cabo Wabo and Samson


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