From God’s Hand to a Dog’s Heart

Tail Wags to All!


I just have to bark about my latest book, ‘From God’s Hand to a Dog’s Heart’.  In this heartwarming story, you will learn how God lead my mom to me and how we became a certified therapy team.  You will also get to read about others and how their heart dogs changed their lives.  Such a feel good book.


For those of you who got puppies for Christmas, you must read ‘Paws for Puppy Training‘.  An easy read for those of you with puppy issues.


If you’re thinking of adding a new puppy to your life, ‘what puppies don’t tail you, BUT YOU NEED TO KNOW‘ is the book for you.  Learn everything from the cost of a pup to the best breed for you.


Add these books to your canine collection.  Amazon is the place to go.

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