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Tail wags to all,
We now live in Wimberley, Texas and we’re so excited to meet all the new dogs and their humans. Luckily, my mom socialized me (Cabo) and Samson so we are fine with new canines but some dogs we meet may not be too sure about us.
So…..before you socialize your pup make sure they have all their required shots (OUCH) and Bordetella vaccine before introducing them to any new dogs. Always begin interacting with friendly dogs and be sure you are ALWAYS supervising them, especially if children are present. Below are some other key points to remember for socializing.

  • We can be protective of our property, so introduce us in neutral territory.
  • Sniffing each other is a natural behavior for us, so try not to interfere.
  • Keep our meet and greet sessions short to prevent anxiety.
  • Introduce us “one on one” as 3 or more dogs may cause multiple dogs to gang up on one dog.
  • If you observe anxiety, calmly separate and try again later.

Gotta run, my neighbor is barking at me…
Cabo Wabo and Samson


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