To Leash or not to Leash

Samson and I may have a bone to pick with those of you who walk your dog off leash. Tail wags to the well trained pup, but you humans may be breaking the law.

You think “My dog would never leave my side” but has this ever happened to you?

  • A squirrel scampering up a tree…. we’re off tracking that annoying squirrel
  • That fun loving cat who constantly teases us. The time may come when we’ve had enough and we’re off chasing that pesky cat…
  • The kid who whizzes by a little to close on their bicycle. Who knows what we’ll do
  • An aggressive or frightened dog wandering the streets could attack us or you! Where is that owner? Guess they dropped the leash…

That’s not to say you can never have your dog off leash. A safe and clean dog park may be your answer or invite a friendly pup to romp with your dog in your fenced yard. Hopefully he or she is dog friendly and well socialized. Whatever you decide, you are ultimately responsible for your dog.

Oh yeah, don’t forget to pick up any droppings we may leave behind. Not fun to step in and could spread disease. If you find leashes a hindrance, try a hands free body leash.

Samson, grab the leash, let’s walk!

Bark at you later…. Cabo Wabo and Samson


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