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Tail Wags to All,

It’s been a while since I have barked at you all, and have dug up some information that may be helpful to some of you.  Search amazon.com for these must read books which are available in print and e-book!

                    “what puppies don’t tail you,

                        BUT YOU NEED TO KNOW”

offers essential information for those of you thinking of adding a new pup to your life.  It is an easy read and you will learn everything from your time commitment to what we puppies cost and even which breed is the best for your lifestyle!


PAWS FOR PUPPY TRAINING is what we pups have been searching for 

This book teaches you humans how to train us using positive training techniques!  

Both books are authored by my mom, certified dog trainer, Lillian Sikorski  


Gotta go read chapter 17 “PUPPY PARTY”!

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